Pandemonium: a twilight dimension of nightmare creatures, mythical beings, the undead, and everything in between. To Dead Jack, it's hell sweet hell. In the first book of the series, the tortured, drug-addicted detective stumbles upon his most dangerous case yet, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Can the zombie P.I. and his associate, the homunculus Oswald, save the day? It won't be easy. The duo must face rogue leprechauns, ghost pirates, a sex-obsessed shark woman, sycophantic ghouls, an insecure fire demon, and a goateed maniac who calls himself the Duke of Pandemonium. Good thing Jack's getting paid in a ton of fairy dust!


Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device kicks off the Dead Jack series. Each book will contain a short novel as well as a short story. Book 2, tentatively titled Dead Jack and the Soul Suckers, is set to be published in May. 


Contains the novel Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device. The first Dead Jack short story, "The Case of the Amorous Ogre," and a bonus scene from Oswald's warped perspective. The print book is 236 pages and contains three interior illustrations by Ed Watson, including the Map of Pandemonium.

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Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device
will be available with update text and new cover in January 2018

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