Pandemonium is an alternate New York City where all the supernatural beings of Earth are trapped — actually it's not too much different from the real Big Apple.

There are five cities: 


ShadowShade (Manhattan) - a fast-paced metropolis teeming with all manner of supernaturals. Jack has an office in Midtown.

The Broken Lands (Brooklyn) - a hellish landscape that's home to demons, ogres, vampires and goblins. 

Monster Island (The Bronx) - a mountainous and wild region that's home to misfit and loner creatures such as Yetis and Sphinxes. 

Witch End (Queens) - a suburban city that most closely resembles old Earth, home to the human witches, warlocks and sorcerers. 

The Red Garden (Staten Island) - a mostly swampy, forested place that is a never-ending battlefield for the werewolves and fairies that live there.


Dead Jack is smart for a zombie. For a detective, well, not too much. He's addicted to fairy dust (which lessens his cravings for flesh), Devil Boy brand formaldehyde (which keeps him from rotting too much) and Lucky Dragon cigarettes (for his nerves).


Oswald is Jack's partner — though Jack considers him more of a pest. Oswald is a shape-shifting homunculus who always tries to please Jack but never does. Oswald is the real brains of the organization (maybe because he occasionally sleeps in Jack's skull) but don't let Jack hear that. (Zombies have great hearing, by the way).


Half witch/half pixie and all attitude, Zara Moonbeam has gotten Jack and Oswald out of some tough scrapes.

The fearsome woman is covered in magical tattoos, which she only needs to touch to conjure. Her hammer is her favorite weapon.

Art by Ed Watson

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