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The five cities of PANDEMONIUM

The Five Cities of Pandemonium are an alternate New York City where all the supernatural beings of Earth are trapped — actually it's not too much different from the real Big Apple.

These are the Five Cities: 


ShadowShade (Manhattan) - a fast-paced metropolis teeming with all manner of supernaturals. Jack has an office in Midtown.

The Broken Lands (Brooklyn) - a hellish landscape that's home to demons, ogres, vampires and goblins. 

Monster Island (The Bronx) - a mountainous and wild region that's home to misfit and loner creatures such as Yetis and Sphinxes. 

Witch End (Queens) - a suburban city that most closely resembles old Earth, home to the human witches, warlocks and sorcerers. 

The Red Garden (Staten Island) - a mostly swampy, forested place that is a never-ending battlefield for the werewolves and fairies that live there.

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